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Battlefield Vietnam V1.21, WW2 Mod, Operation Peacekeeper V0.16, Bushwar V0.35, Dice City V0.98

Battlefield 1942 V1.61b, Desert Combat Final, Battlefield 1918 2.6, BFPirates V1.0, Forgotten Hope V0.7

Also ...We love killing everyone on Novalogic's Joint Operations Typhoon Rising & Escalation

Latest News!

8-8-2007 BFVN & TEAMSPEAK SERVER MOVED! .... new IP for both is ... The server was upgraded and should be lot's better!
3-8-2007 JOINT OPS SERVER IS BACK AT A NEW IP .... Its time again for killing again on JO Typhoon Rising and Escalation, these games really have some great action ... I love the sniper rig, head shots rock!

******NOTE***** I had a hell of a time getting my Joint Op's to update Punkbuster, If you have the same issues here is some good info:

Original Source Link: https://www.novaworld.com/forums/Topic1895017-12-1.aspx resolution to the pb init failure gdc041

Try using these methods to update your PunkBuster.

(1.) When you enter the game, bring up the command console by pressing the ~ key (this is the key just above TAB). Type pb_security 0 and press Enter. This might work ..... but didnt for me.

(2.) If it still wont update and you are getting kicked then you will need to download this file:pbcl.cfg (right click this file and "save as" to download) with the pb_security 0 line in it. Then save the file to the "pb" folder for the game.
The default path to the pb folder is C:\Program File\Novalogic\Joint Operations\pb
This should force PunkBuster to update and will hopefully clear up this issue for you..... it worked for me!

3-6-2007 BF42 SERVER UPDATED TO BATTLEFIELD PIRATES 1.0 FINAL VERSION .... Its time again for killing your friends pirate style! I've missed playing this mod, its a perfect online killing training game for the kids!.. AAAAAAARRRRGGGG! ..This is a great mod and this version has been out for several months. If you want to play you need to go and download the 1.0 full client at: Battlefield Pirates 1.0 Client
3-5-2007 BF42 SERVER UPDATED WITH BF1918 V2.6 This is a really great mod, too bad its the final release though some guys seem to be carring on the mod so I hope it works out and gives us a few more versions to have fun killing WW1 style. If you want to play you need to go to FileFront and download the 2.6 full client (809mb!) at: BF1918 2.6 Client Files
3-4-2007 THE BF2 SERVER IS GONE! Yep its true .... nobodys really been using it for a long time and the monthly expense needed to go .... sorry my fellow E-killers!
3-2-2007 BF42 SERVER UPDATED WITH FORGOTTEN HOPE V0.7 -PLUS- Server was Upgraded with faster processor and more ram! Since Im growing bored of playing BF2 (having the "ranked" servers not open to mods makes it a way too limited a selection of maps for me) and being about ready to ditch the BF2 server I thought Id clean up and update the old BF42 server and play it some more. Personally I dont mind playing the new BF2142 a little but Im not a space game freak.... I really would rather use guns I recognize not some made up weapon so Im going to play a little BF42 for a while now .... Come Kill With Me!.... See the link below to download Forgotten Hope v0.7 (its 3 HUGE files) Download Forgotten Hope V.0.7
8-20-2006Just moved the BF2 server to a dual opteron rack server and a new ip
3-14-2006 Euro Force is here! ...OK so its $9.99 but its not bad but the EA Downloader site was a little confusing and you have to be sure that you register the proper player name so it binds to your current ID name in BF2...:Buy & Download BF2 Euro Force!
3-10-2006 BF2 & BF2 Special Forces V1.2-1.21 Incremental Upgrade Patch is here just an 14mb download but you have to do it!:BF2 V1.21 Incremental Patch ..... and here is the full 1.21 patch just in case you need that, its huge at 367mb so try the incremental patch first!:BF2 V1.21 Full Patch
2-15-2006 BF2 & BF2 Special Forces V1.12-2.0 Incremental Upgrade Patch is here just an 85mb download but you have to do it!:BF2 V1.12-2.0 Incremental Patch ..... and here is the full 1.2 patch just in case you need that, its huge at 375mb so try the incremental patch first!:BF2 V2.0 Full Patch
12-30-2005 BF2 1Click1Kill.com RANKED Server is Live!!!!
Go Play Now .... its a 16 player server and it takes 6 player's to start a game so go climb on the server and suck in some bodies to kill!
11-27-2005 BF2 & BF2 Special Forces V1.12 Patch is here just another huge 260 mb download but you have to do it!:BF2 V1.12 Patch
10-7-2005 Battlefield 2 V1.03 Patch is here just a but a big ass 170 mb download!:BF2 1.03 Patch
7-17-2005 Battlefield 2 V1.02 Patch is here just a quick 16mb download! If you downloaded the v1.01 patch last week then replace it with this version as V1.01 was screwed up so click here to download:bf2patch_v_102.exe
(also .... this patch says v1.01 in some of the screens but thats ok!)
6-26-2005 Battlefield 2 is here! I have just de-activated the Joint Op's server for now and loaded Battlefield 2 so visit our BF2 server at: and be sure to have your headset plugged in and get the VOIP working!
5-22-2005 Just updated BFVN server to Dice City V0.98 - some new maps and cool shit! Go get the update here:Dice City V0.98
5-22-2005 Just updated BF42 server to BF1918 VMR2 - This is an awesome update and includes lots of new maps and weapons! Go get the update here:BF1918 VMR2
5-22-2005 I deleted Galactic Conquest from the BF42 server since nobody played it anyway!
5-18-2005 Just attempted (Again!) to update the BF42 server to EOD 0.42 This is a really good mod update but the Windows server files suck and dont work! Get the update here and play on linux servers elsewhere:Get EOD V0.41 full client and .42 patch**NOTICE** This is NOT update patch, you must uninstall any previous version before installation of V0.41 ... usually you just need to go to C:\Program Files\Ea games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\ and delete the EOD folder, then install the 0.41 client and .42 patch.
4-28-05 PUNKBUSTER BAD UPDATE! evenbalance just updated Punkbuster for BF42 and it seems nobodys client will auto update so you can easily do it with PBWEB.exe Go get PBWEB here:PBWEB.exe
Download PBWEB and be sure to save into the home "pb" directory on your hard drive and then launch PBWEB. If PBWEB is not launched from inside the home "pb" directory, then it will not work. Note that PBWEB works for all games supported by PunkBuster and it works for both Players and also Admins running PB Servers.
3-21-2005 Just updated BFVN server to OPK V0.16 Go get the full client or update patch here:Get OPK 0.16
3-16-2005 Just updated the BF42 server to Forgotten Hope V0.67a Now we can kill & slaughter each other with more cool stuff! This is really a great mod - Go get the V0.67 and V0.67a hotfix downloads here:Forgotten Hope Mod Official Website or if you only need the 0.67a Hotfix we are hosting it here: FH 0.67-0.67a Hotfix
3-16-2005 OK, It's Official!........ Our Joint Operations Typhoon Rising Server Now Live! our IP is and we are listed on Novaworld as the 1Click1Kill.com Server.Take 20 bucks of your booze & ganja cash and go buy this game ..... its cheap fun and some awesome killing too!
2-26-2005 New BF42 Mod! .. Just updated BF42 server to Forgotten Hope V0.66 Now we can kill each other with more realistic surroundings and weapons, this mod does an awesome job of making WW2 killing even more fun! - Go get the V0.66 downloads here:Forgotten Hope Mod Official Website
2-26-2005 New BF42 Mod! .. Now we can kill just like on Star Wars!...Just updated BF42 server to Gallactic Conquest V5.0 - Go get the V5.0 full client here:Galactic Conquest Official Website
2-21-2005 MORE BIG NEWS! - get out your wallet and go buy Novalogic's "Joint Operations" and the expansion pack "Escalation"

Some of us have been playing this for several months and its a kick ass killing game! We will have a new high performance server up and running JO in the next couple of weeks and its time to for you to get some practice ahead of time so you dont get slaughtered! Check out thier website:Joint Operations Website This game is a HUGE bargain and is selling most places for $20 bucks or less ... go get it!
2-21-2005 Just updated BFVN server to OPK V0.15 This is a great mod! Go get the update here:Get OPK 0.15 patch**NOTICE** This is an update patch, you must already have installed V0.1
2-17-2005 Just updated BFVN server to Dice City 0.976 Go get the update here:Dice City 0.975-0.976 Client Update
12-29-2004 Just updated the BFVN server to the inner city wars mod so now you can ride harleys, steal cop cars, kill hookers and drug dealers ..... way cool! - Dice City Beta V0.975 - See the link below or visit : http://www.dicecitymod.com The official Dice City site so go get the V0.975 Beta Client (246mb download)
12-28-2004 Just updated the BFVN server to the African wars mod - Bushwar V0.35 - See the link below or visit : http://bushwar.uni.cc/news.php The official Bushwar site so go get the V0.35 Client (400mb download)
12-23-2004 Just updated the BFVN server to our first installed server mod - Operation Peacekeeper V0.1 - See the link below or visit : http://www.PlanetBattlefield.com to go get the OPK V0.1 Client (200mb download)
12-20-2004 Just updated BF42 server to BF1918 V1.51 - Go get the update here:BF1918 V1.51 Update
12-7-2004 Ok, everyone using the BF42 NO-CD patches out there with V1.61b is broke after the update. All you need is the new NO-CD patch so go get the file here:BF42 v1.61b No CD Patch be sure to apply these files AFTER the 1.61b update and since this doesnt have a fancy install progam so be sure to extract the zip using the existing file structure and copy the BF1942.org and BF1942.exe files the directory C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942 (usual default location) and then put the Mod.dll files in the proper \Mod directories for your system.
12-3-2004 Just updated BFVN server to V1.21 - THIS IS A REQUIRED SECURITY UPDATE - go get the update here:BFVN V1.21 Update
12-3-2004 Just updated BF42 server to V1.61b - THIS IS A REQUIRED SECURITY UPDATE - go get the update here:BF1942 V1.61b Update
11-27-2004 Just updated BF42 server to BF1918 version 1.50 go get the 1.45 - 1.50 update here:BF1918 1.45-1.50 Update
10-23-2004 Just updated BF42 server to Desert Combat Final, the last Desert Combat mod that will be released now that they have sold to EA Games - go get the update below! (you must already have DC 0.7 installed)
10-11-2004 Just updated BFVN server to V1.2 - go get the update!
10-2-2004 Loaded BFVN WW2 Mod, It's like BF42 with better graphics and new weapons - Kill Kill Kill!
9-17-2004 Just loaded BF Pirates ... great starter killing game for the kids ... kinda like cartoons!, AAAARRRRRGGG!
8-6-2004 Teamspeak server is now operational and works great, if you have a shitty soundcard just go buy and USB headset and they work great, email us for a password to the server.

Join us 24/7/365 for fast action gaming This server is provided FREE because we at 1Click1Kill.com want to fight and kill YOU online now! (nothing personal of course .... it's just the computerized Bot's on BF42/BFVN are not nearly as fun as shooting real players!)

Joint Op's Typhoon Rising Server IP:

BF1942 Server IP: Port: 14567

BFVN Server IP: Port: 15567

It's really easy! - If you have never played BF42, BFVN, or BF2 online just load up your game copy then choose: Multiplayer/Internet/Add Server/ enter our server info and hit "Join"
BFVN we are hosting the standard game Version 1.21 with the WW2, Operation Peacekeeper V0.16, and Bushwar V0.35, Dice City V0.98 mods. For BF42 you will need the BF42 version 1.61b, Desert Combat Final, Battlefield 1918 2.6, and BFPirates V1.0, Forgotten Hope V0.7 to connect to our server, you can download the needed files here:

Official EA Games BF 2 Website
Download BFVN v1.3 Patch and BFVN WW2 Mod - Official EA Games BFVN Website
Download BF42 Version 1.6 and 1.61b update - Official EA Games BF42 Website
Download Desert Combat Final - Download from Gamespy or you can Download from one of these mirror sites though usually some are broke so test em out!
Download Dice City V0.98 - Official Dice City Website
Download Bushwar V0.35 - Official Bushwar Website
Download BFVN Mod OPK V0.16 - Official Operation Peacekeeper Website
Download Desert Combat 0.7 - Official Desert Combat Website
Download Eve of Destruction V0.60 Client - Official EOD Website
Download BFPirates Beta 1.0 Full Client - Official BFPirates Website
Download Battlefield 1918 2.6 - The closest you get to an official BF1918 Web site
Download Forgotten Hope V.0.7 - Official Forgotten Hope Website

Talk while you kill! - Join our TeamSpeak Server at: NO PASSWORD REQUIRED ... click here to download TeamSpeak:TeamSpeak-Download vist www.GoTeamSpeak.com for more info

Click here to download TeamSpeak key mappings:Key Mapping Download After download go to your TeamSpeak client and choose settings-key settings-import.

To use the Key Mapping the following keys will move you to the channels:

[   Home    ]  Allied-Coalition    \   Axis-Opposition
If you want to fight with the 1Click1Kill.com team then you need Xfire! instant messenger and player tracking for gamers! Download Xfire Now! for team player ID's and TeamSpeak password info just email us at: davep@ocmusa.com

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